My office handles Consumer Bankruptcy Cases, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 representation. From filing through discharge, I am personally available at every step of the process. A fundamental goal of the federal bankruptcy laws enacted by Congress is to […]

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Family Law

Louisiana Divorce Law Basics Residency Requirement:To file for divorce in Louisiana, one or both spouses must be domiciled in the state at the time of filing, and must have been a resident for one year prior to filing.Filing: A Plaintiff […]

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The fact that mishaps are fairly commonplace does not detract from the pain and confusion that can result when an accident or injury happens to you or a loved one. If you decide to take steps toward protecting your legal […]

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Criminal defense law consists of the legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of committing a crime. Law enforcement agencies and government prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal. Without adequate protections for the accused, the balance of […]

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